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Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

Paddle Boarding Eco Adventures, Paddle Turks & Caicos

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is the fastest growing watersport in the world. It is fun, easy and accessible to almost everyone. Big Blue Unlimited’s unique Stand Up Paddleboard program is the most comprehensive SUP outfit in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Only a few paddle strokes separate us from a national park and nature reserve made up of islands, cays, mangrove channels and beautiful reefs. Big Blue is surrounded by calm water and beautiful weather, perfect for any SUP adventure. We introduced paddleboarding in 2009 and have not looked back. Our SUP team is experienced and trained every year by Hawaiian SUP legend and pioneer, Dave Kalama, during our annual October Kalama Kamps.

Big Blue offers a wide variety of tours from beginner to advanced that last anywhere from 90 minutes to 4 hours. We have a world-class fleet of SUP boards and paddles comprised of three of the world’s leading brands, NAISH SUP (2013 AWSI winner) and IMAGINE SURF (Dave Kalama’s signature line) and QUICKBLADE PADDLES. With over 25 boards in the quiver, Big Blue has the right SUP board for you. After almost 20 years of exploring the Turks and Caicos Islands and leading the way on kayaks, our existing eco-tours and eco-adventures on stand up paddleboards dovetails seamlessly with all our existing programs and has opened up a world of new and exciting adventures.

100% Natural. Get Up and Stand Up and join our daily tours.

Stand Up Paddleboarding Eco Tours

Big Blue’s daily Stand Up Ecotour is proving to be just as popular as the Kayak Ecotour. At only 2 hours this introductory tour is simple and easy. We take a maximum of 6 guests and gently introduce beginners to the mangrove ecology and the core concepts of stand up paddle boarding technique needed to really enjoy this amazing sport and recreation. Our guides cover the basics about:

  • The paddle
  • Stance
  • Posture
  • Grip
  • The correct stroke
  • Getting on and off the board
  • Turning, stopping and safety.

The guided tour then continues into the mangroves of the Nature Reserve and where the added advantage of a standing position offers stunning views of birds, fish and the mangroves themselves.

The stand up paddleboard experience is a superb way to see the islands and greatly increases self-confidence and is excellent for balance and core strength.

Our daily tours leave from our base in Leeward, Providencials and it is highly recommended to book these excursions in advance. This tour is also a prerequisite for any extended range tours and rentals we offer.

Price is $85 per person. Duration is 2 hours.

Paddleboard & Snorkel Eco Tour

This little gem of a tour combines two of our favourite activities and rolls them into one 2-3 hour relaxing adventure. A mellow paddle out to the reef via the mangroves and past Little Water Cay (Rock Iguana sanctuary) ends by tying the boards to one of our boats, getting some refreshments and exchanging the paddle for a mask, fins and snorkel to check out the barrier reef. On no wind days the more adventurous or experienced stand up paddleboarders can paddle back to the Big Blue base. Those who have had enough can chill out and take a ride back. No stress, no worries. Easy.

Price is $155 per person. Duration: 2-3 hours.

Stand Up Paddleboarding Backcountry Wilderness Safaris

Big Blue’s wilderness paddleboard safari is perfect for those who have already joined us on our SUP eco tour or with some previous stand up paddleboard background. It is a true wilderness experience in an internationally protected wetlands habitat. We travel by boat to the southern side of the Caicos Islands. There we transfer onto our SUP's and start exploring countless possible routes through the maze and labyrinth of interconnecting mangrove channels. We look for bird and marine life along the way including the beautiful reddish egrets and skittish pink flamingos and although the marine life is generally small, dolphins have been spotted at the mouths of the channels.

Enjoy the peace, solitude, silence and adventure as you wind your way through this unique unspoiled environment. With some simple modifications to our boats we're now able to transport up to 6 paddlers on these exciting eco-adventures into the interior wilderness. Snacks and drinks provided.

Price is $195. Duration: 4+ hours.


Private tours and guides are always available. The Turks and Caicos islands offers almost limitless terrain in which to paddle and to explore that our scheduled tours and adventures only but scratch the surface. Hourly, half day and full day rates are available as is the option to “rack and stack” the stand up boards on one of our boats to really get out there and explore these Islands.

Quick Blade, 100% carbon fiber paddles are used as are water packs.

ALL our private boat charters also come with the option of bringing one or two inflatable stand up paddleboards as well.

Prices vary according to itinerary, duration and location. Please contact us.


Our SUP and Kayak rental fleet is second to none. Big Blue has a variety of boards on offer:

  • Freeride – wide and stable
  • Race – Downwind, distance and fitness
  • Plastic – SUP/ kayak cross over
  • Inflatable – easy to pack, easy to move, easy to store
  • Adjustable paddles

Our rental fleet can be rented on an hourly, half day, daily and weekly basis. For those renting a house here in Providenciales, Big Blue can deliver soft-top or plastic SUP’s and/or kayaks for unlimited use during the duration of one’s visit. Paddles are included.

Price is 3+ days $65 per day. Multi day rentals can be delivered to villas.


All Villa rentals must fill out damage/ lost waiver forms. Our high-end boards stay at Leeward.

All Leeward rentals, hourly, daily or multiday MUST take part in our SUP ECOTOUR.


Paddle-boarding (SUP)2hrs$85 n/a 
SUP / Snorkel4hrs$155n/a 
SUP Backcountry4hrs$195n/a 

PADDLE-BOARD RENTALSHour1/2 DayFull-Day* 3 days +
Inflatable (Portable)$20$60$90$65
Soft Top or Plastic$20$60$90$65
Race $30$90$120n/a

* Additional discounts apply for multiple SUP/Kayak rentals

What to Bring & Wear

The sun here is merciless. Even when there is cloud cover it is important to protect oneself against sunburn and dehydration.

We highly recommend bringing:

  • A hat
  • A long sleeve top (rash guard)
  • Sunglasses
  • 100% Biodegradable Sunscreen * Mandatory for ALL trips
  • WATER, WATER, WATER! – PREhydrate. Drink lots before any and all excursions.
  • No prior experience is needed on our SUP ECOTOUR but it is on our other excursions. We therefore insist that unless we already know you, that you start with our intro tour.

Kalama Kamps

This year’s Kalama Kamp is slated for 11th-18th October 2014. 10 lucky guests will receive an SUP experience of a lifetime under the expert tutelage of the legendary big wave and long distance paddler, Dave Kalama. John Denney, his partner in crime brings with him a wealth of experience in SUP instruction and fitness as well as years of paddling with many of the Hawaiian legends. Together with Big Blue’s and Turks and Caicos waterman, Philip our Kalama Kamp guests will experience the TCI like few have done and few ever will.

Daily instruction, guided tours and adventures, safaris, surfing, snorkeling, exploring and adventure. Fun filled days fuelled by passion, endless laughter and ultimate satisfaction.

More info click here KAMPS