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Kayaking Eco Adventures, Paddle Turks & Caicos | BIG BLUE UNLIMITED
Kayaking Eco Adventures, Paddle Turks & Caicos | BIG BLUE UNLIMITED


Kayaking Eco Adventures, Paddle Turks & Caicos
Kayaking Eco Adventures, Paddle Turks & Caicos | BIG BLUE UNLIMITED

Travelling by kayak is the ideal way to explore the shallow waters and winding mangrove channels that make up a good portion of the Turks and Caicos Islands. The stealth and low draft of a kayak allow you to view wildlife and reach areas that are just not accessible any other way. Big Blue offers a variety of guided eco-tours, many suitable for novices, right from the shores of Providenciales and unlimited possibilities for customized private adventures.

The Turks and Caicos Islands offer the avid kayaker a wide range of areas to explore and Big Blue Unlimited has the infrastructure and high quality kayaks and equipment to make these eco-adventures a reality. Using boats and trailers, the kayaks can be transported across the archipelago to begin paddling almost anywhere. Utilize Big Blue's expertize to explore off the beaten path into the wilderness of the remote cays, mangroves and tidal creeks. Extend your kayaking dreams into a multi-day camping or inn-to-inn style expedition, or simply rent a sit-on-top kayak to play in the calm bays beside your rental villa or venture into the nature reserves and discover the endless beaches on your own.

The Gear

Kayaking Eco Adventures, Paddle Turks & Caicos | The Gear | BIG BLUE UNLIMITED

Sit-on-top kayaks
Ocean Kayak Malibu II (tandem) + Scrambler (single) all with COMFORT Pro back rests. Used for self-guided rentals within the park and for longer term rentals at private villas. Strong, stable and unsinkable.

Recreational kayaks
Necky Manitou II (tandem) + Necky RIP 12 & Manitou 13 or 14 (single) with extremely comfortable and versatile Phase 3 seating system, a large semi-protected cockpit, and foot rests or rudders. Used on all guided eco-tours, custom adventures and rentals from the Leeward Marina base on Providenciales. A jump seat suitable for children aged 5yrs old or less can easily be inserted between the two main seating positions.

Touring kayaks
18’ Necky Looksha polypropylene with two hatches and a rudder + 17’7” Aquanaut Valley Sea Kayaks (single) with three hatches and skegs. Available on all custom kayak adventures and multi-day rentals from the Leeward Marina base on Providenciales.

Lightweight carbon/fiberglass blended Werner Skagit paddles with straight or adjustable shafts are standard. Kid’s Werner paddles are also available.

Misc. safety
PFDs, water pumps, tow ropes, dry bags, skirts (touring kayaks only)

1/2 Day Kayak Eco-tour

Kayaking Eco Adventures, Paddle Turks & Caicos | 1/2 Day Kayak Eco-tour | BIG BLUE UNLIMITED

This is Big Blue’s signature eco-adventure and suitable for the whole family. A short distance from Big Blue’s main base in Leeward on Providenciales, the Princess Alexandra Nature Reserve provides our experienced guides with a stunning and protected setting to introduce you to the coastal ecology of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Explore the serene channels of Mangrove Cay in search of juvenile marine life including a variety of fish, rays, baby sharks, conch, starfish and turtles. Keep your eyes tuned in for the birdlife that flutters between the branches or sits silently waiting for its weary prey. Paddle your kayak across the channel to visit the Iguana Sanctuary on Little Water Cay; your fee includes a donation to the Turks and Caicos National Trust, and a stop at a spectacular beach within the Nature Reserve for a walk and a swim. Beginners are welcome, basic kayaking instruction is provided. Big Blue uses the comfortable single and tandem Necky recreational touring kayaks for this eco-tour which includes a full back support seating system.


PRICE: $115 adults / $75 children U12

Snorkel & Kayak Adventure

Kayaking Eco Adventures, Paddle Turks & Caicos | Snorkel & Kayak Adventure | BIG BLUE UNLIMITED

This popular eco-adventure combines snorkeling on the offshore reef and some exciting wilderness kayaking in an incredible wetland reserve inside the southern interior of North Caicos. The Necky recreational touring kayaks are loaded aboard our custom vessel to transport you into this ‘Ramsar’ designated wilderness for a few hours. The interconnecting mangrove channels have grown into a wondrous maze that can take days to explore. The wetland hosts some fantastic birdlife and turtle sightings are common. After stopping on a small cay to enjoy a picnic lunch and a walk on the white sand beach, head out to the barrier reef for some quality snorkeling time. The guides will help you maximize your in water experience and teach you about the marine life that you are viewing. Depending on the tides you’ll either snorkel or kayak first. Be ready for an action packed and adventurous eco tour.


PRICE: $225 adults / $175 children U12

Expand the wilderness kayak experience by exploring longer and further into labyrinth of mangrove channels that offer countless possible routes. Look for bird and marine life including the beautiful Reddish Egrets and skittish pink Flamingos. Although the marine life is generally small, dolphins have been spotted at the mouths of the channels and bonefish are common in their shallow extremities. Enjoy the solitude and adventure as you wind your way through this unique environment and help us discover new possibilities.

Full Moon & Glow Worm Tours

Kayaking Eco Adventures, Paddle Turks & Caicos | Full Moon & Glow Worm Tours | BIG BLUE UNLIMITED

Enjoy a sunset paddle through protected waters in the interior of the nature reserve opposite Big Blue’s base in Leeward on Providenciales. You will either follow this up with a full moon rise over the Caicos Banks or with the most spectacular display of nature’s fluorescent lights. The glow worms come together to mate on the 3rd and 4th night after the full moon and as the night fades into darkness the show begins. We keep the groups size on these night time escapades extra small for safety reasons and they are usually no more than two hours long.


PRICE: $95 per person

Bottle Creek/East Bay Cay National Park

Kayaking Eco Adventures, Paddle Turks & Caicos | Bottle Creek/East Bay Cay National Park | BIG BLUE UNLIMITED

This spectacular and rarely visited area lies between the large Islands of North and Middle Caicos. The area is made up of several cays with long sandy beaches on their windward side and shallow mangrove channels adjacent to Bottle Creek on the other. It can be accessed from either island and circumnavigated if desired. Big Blue offers guest on North, Middle and Parrot Cay guided kayak eco-tours to the beautiful waters and beach at the north mouth of the creek and self-guided kayak rentals are also available. Generally a round trip by kayak takes 2.5hrs. Big Blue uses tandem recreational 'Wilderness System' and single Necky Rip 12 kayaks on North Caicos that have full back support and good stability.


PRICES: $95 adults /$65 children U12 from North Caicos (does not included transport from Provo)

This kayak eco-tour is also included as part of a full-day eco-adventure from Providenciales that includes a seafood lunch and a visit to famed Mudjin Harbour beach on Middle Caicos. For more information see: Bottle Creek Adventures

Private eco-tours include the option to combine the journey with motorboat support to allow for non-kayakers or to account for variations in stamina and ability. There is also the option to take a different route back to shorten the paddling distance or continue exploring other parts of North & Middle Caicos by boat or vehicle.

Private Kayak Eco-Tours

Kayaking Eco Adventures, Paddle Turks & Caicos | Private Kayak Eco-Tours | BIG BLUE UNLIMITED

There are so many excellent areas to kayak in the Turks and Caicos Islands. As detailed above Big Blue Unlimited offers a range of kayak eco-tours where guests can sign-up as part of a small group or elect to do the eco-tour privately. Big Blue also customizes a range of private only kayak eco-adventures all over the Caicos Islands. The following eco-tours offers some examples of these exciting kayak adventures but do not hesitate to contact Big Blue to discuss further ideas and customize your ideal kayak experience in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Frenchman's Creek Nature Reserve

Kayaking Eco Adventures, Paddle Turks & Caicos | Frenchman's Creek Nature Reserve | BIG BLUE UNLIMITED

Explore the remote southwest region of Provo and kayak through the Frenchman’s Creek Nature Reserve. Removed from human influence this intertidal and inland waterway is a rich and vital ecosystem that helps to support the cycle of life on the reef a few miles away. Frenchman’s Creek is a great place to observe marine life and tropical birds; it is a breeding ground for herons, pelicans and terns.

The narrow mangrove channels that make up much of the Frenchman’s Creek area open up onto a spectacular coastline where a picnic lunch can be enjoyed on rarely visited beaches. Big Blue will customize adventures to this side of the island that can also be combined with a boat trip to access the snorkeling and diving areas around Provo or over on West Caicos. Alternatively pay a visit to the settlement of Blue Hills to sample the fresh seafood cuisine.


Caicos Cays

Kayaking Eco Adventures, Paddle Turks & Caicos | Caicos Cays | BIG BLUE UNLIMITED

This is a simple and cost effective way to see some beautiful territory. The Caicos Cays stretch northwards from Big Blue's base at Leeward on Provo and run all the way up to North Caicos (approximately 10 miles). You can paddle on either side of the islands and gauge the route according to tide and wind direction. The east side (Caicos Banks) is shallow and includes more mangroves. The west side (turquoise lagoon) is deeper and runs along the beaches and reefs. There are numerous places where you can cross between the two bodies of water and complete a circumnavigation to suit your abilities and endurance.

Big Blue offers this eco-tour as a guided or self guided option and it can be supported by motorboat if required. A typical itinerary might include a paddle north up the shallow banks and then through the Pine Cay Channel to Fort George Cay for a rest and picnic. Followed by a paddle back down on the north shore to Leeward.

Middle & East Caicos

Kayaking Eco Adventures, Paddle Turks & Caicos | Middle & East Caicos | BIG BLUE UNLIMITED

The best place to launch on the far side of Middle Caicos is at the boat ramp in the small village of Lorimers. The creeks here connect out to the Windward Going Through and onto the beautiful waters on the east side of the island.

There are some truly spectacular beaches, sand bars, and small islands in this area including Joe Grant’s Cay and on a long day trip you can push around the point to East Caicos and the old plantation settlement of Jacksonville. Better yet, let Big Blue plan a 2-3 day expedition to explore this uninhabited region of the Caicos Islands and experience an unforgettable camping adventure.

Kayak Rentals

Kayaking Eco Adventures, Paddle Turks & Caicos | Kayak Rentals | BIG BLUE UNLIMITED

Big Blue has a comprehensive kayak rental program. Single and tandem kayaks are available for rent for short and long term from Providenciales and on North, Middle or South Caicos. A safety briefing, orientation, map and dry bags will be provided. Please make sure to bring your own communication device if you wish. Big Blue’s rental fleet includes sit-on-top, recreational, and touring kayaks depending on experience level and availability. Priority is generally given to guided trips but reservations are accepted.

Rentals at private villas are restricted to sit-on-top kayaks for safety reasons. There may be a delivery charge for dropping off and picking up kayaks depending on your location so please check when you make a reservation. Please let us know if you need children’s life jackets and paddles. They are provided at no extra charge.

3+ DAYS $65 / TANDEM, $50 SINGLE

SUP’s are available for rent on Providenciales only.


KAYAK ECO-TOURSTimeAdultsKids < 12Kids < 5
Kayak Eco-tour4hrs$115$75$35
Snorkel and Kayak Adventure6-7hrs$225$175 
Full Moon / Glow Worm2hrs$95n/a 
Kayak Backcountry4hrs$195n/a 
Bottle Creek (North Caicos)4hrs$95$60 

KAYAK RENTALSHour1/2 DayFull-Day* 3 Days +
Sit-On-Top (Single)$15$45$70$50
Sit-On-Top (Tandem)$20$60$90$65
Recreational (Single)$15$45$70$50
Recreational (Tandem)$20$60$90$65
Touring (Single)$20$60$90$65
Touring (Tandem)$25$75$100$80

* Additional discounts apply for multiple SUP/Kayak rentals
PRIVATE KAYAK ECO-TOURSDestinationTime1-2 PersAdd. Pers
NATURE RESERVE (Mangrove only)Leeward,
FRENCHMAN'S CREEKWest Coast Providenciales5-6hrs$800$75
CAICOS CAYSProvo to Fort George6-7hrs$700$75
East Caicos
WILDERNESS KAYAK (Paddle Only)Ramsar Site North Caicos4-5hrs$1,000$75
and Cays
BOTTLE CREEK / EAST BAYNorth & Middle Caicos7-8hrs$1,500$150


Kayaking Eco Adventures, Paddle Turks & Caicos | WHAT TO BRING & WEAR | BIG BLUE UNLIMITED

Big Blue will provide dry bags and water bottles for all kayak trips. For any snorkel adventures we provide masks, fins and snorkels. We also provide snacks and refreshments and lunch on full-day trips.

The sun here is merciless. Even when there is cloud cover it is important to protect oneself against sunburn and dehydration. We highly recommend bringing:

  • A hat
  • A long sleeve top (rash guard)
  • Sunglasses
  • A towel
  • Sandals/ flip flops
  • Suncream (NB. WE ONLY ALLOW BIODEGRADABLE SUN LOTION ON OUR TRIPS – better for your skin and better for the environment. Available at our shop if needed)
  • WATER, WATER, WATER! – PREhydrate. Drink lots before any and all excursions.