Whales & Dolphins

17th March 2015 11:11 am

The annual Humpback whale migration is without doubt the highlight of our team’s year. Our excitement starts in November and December with memories of the previous season still fresh in our minds. The first songs or sightings in late December and early January send an immediate buzz throughout the whole of Big Blue as we all know what the next 2-3 winters months can hold in store. This is a superb time of year to be part of the Big Blue experience. Year after year many fortunate guests are rendered speechless by the breathtaking beauty of Humpback whales.

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19th March 2015 6:32 pm

The Humpbacks follow a timeless track between their five primary summer feeding grounds in the North: the Gulf of Maine, Eastern Canada, Greenland, Iceland and Norway and their two breeding grounds in the South; Cape Verde Islands and the Caribbean (primarily, Turks and Caicos Islands, North East Dominican Republic and North West Puerto Rico).

As the bounty of food, essentially krill, plankton and small fish diminishes (whales can eat up to 3000 lbs. per day) throughout the summer, whales will leave in the Fall having built up significant fat reserves (blubber) and swim toward their tropical winter calving grounds covering distances of up to 3000+ miles in as little as under 40 days! Humpbacks then congregate and engage in mating activities. Surface displays of breaching, tail lobbing, fin and chin slapping are often coupled with complex male songs that can last up to 20-40 minutes or more and are often superb soundtracks on our scuba and snorkel trips.

Calves are born here after 11 months of gestation or on route and weigh as much as 2000 lbs., small in comparison to their mother’s 25-40 tons! Females are larger than males and while none of the whales eat in the South, calves grow rapidly from their mothers’ highly nutritious milk (so viscous, it binds together in the water). Weaning occurs 6-10 months later with breeding every two/three years.

Mothers are highly protective of their calves, forming close bonds and often provide us with some of our best encounters as they become more relaxed during the season.

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6:32 pm

Big Blue provides the best and most respected Humpback Whale experience in the Caicos Islands. The Big Blue team has been trained by Philip Shearer, our in house whale expert who worked on the Silver Banks for nine years as a whale guide together with the late Captain Piers van der Walt of Aggressor fleet.

Big Blue has adopted the strict guidelines of the Silver Banks (Dominican Republic) and followed them closely since our inception in 1997. Every year we get better and learn more about close encounter humpback whale experiences.

Our aim is to provide our guests with some of the best whale encounters ever. No two encounters are ever the same and require heightened sensitivity towards the whales and their behavior.

Our golden rule: it is the whales that give us the encounter. It is the whales that dictate the encounter not us. We can however, with careful approach and understanding, increase the likelihood of either a successful surface encounter or the highly sought after in water encounter.

Over the years we have had some truly memorable experiences from freeing a whale from a gill net to spending eight and a half hours in the water with three whales to dolphins and whales to jaw dropping full body breaches.

Visit the book now page to enquire about your whale watching providenciales experience.

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6:33 pm

Our approach is passive and non-aggressive. We explain our decisions and what we are trying to do. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. It is rare that we fail in our efforts to provide some sort of an encounter. We will not however bully or harass these animals. There is a difference between whale encounters and whale chasing. We focus on soft on and in water encounters.

Our whale watching trips run from Providenciales and around Salt Cay plus some secret area’s of ocean gained from decades of whale watching in and around Turks and Caicos

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Whale watching

6:33 pm

From the first sighting in December or January to the last in April, all our boats, tours, captains, crew and office are in constant communication about where we are seeing whales around the Turks and Caicos Islands. A dive trip may be returning and a snorkel trip starting, if the dive crew spot whales in the area they will advise our snorkel team, so on and so forth. Since Big Blue adventures to all four corners of the Caicos islands this means we see more whales than anyone else. One need only follow our Facebook page to see this.

Generally speaking our trips and adventures will always have a one eye on the open ocean, just in case we see the unusual or amazing. During the winter months however we slant all our trips to increase the chances of creating a whale encounter.

All the above trips and even the morning and evening trips to North Caicos for Heart of the Islands etc. will be on the look out for whales. It is exciting but there are no guarantees. The whales pass through in waves. It is not unusual to have two weeks of high activity followed by low to no activity and silence. What we do know and have learned is to be ready.

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17th March 2015 11:11 am

Big Blue offers two very different Kalama Kamps throughout the year. The first is for adults and kicks off our season and the second is strictly for kids and ends our season. Our October paddleboarding clinic is collaboration by Philip of Big Blue and Dave of Kalama Kamps. It is a week-long SUP adventure that focuses on technique and exploration in the TCI. Our July Kids Kalama Kamp has grown from one week to what will likely be the full month of July. Kids join our team Mondays through to Fridays and are exposed to nature, adventure, ecology and all the Big Blue watersports from Scuba to kiteboarding.

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Kalama Kamps

19th March 2015 6:26 pm

Big Blue Unlimited’s Philip Shearer and Dave Kalama came together for their first Turks and Caicos Kalama Kamp in 2010, and were introduced to each other by Robby Naish (Hawaii). Brody Welte (Paddlefit) was integral in the first Kamp and immediately saw the potential of bringing Big Blue and Kalama Kamp together in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

It’s one of Kalama Kamp’s favorite places to go because Big Blue offers everything, and Turks and Caicos has it all, with unbelievable conditions for down-winding, surfing and eco paddling. They have the boats and a great team, and really know their way around the islands. I’d say that this is one of the top three destinations to paddle, and Big Blue is a huge part of that

Brody Welte

Our annual October Kalama Kamp kicks off the Big Blue season and is an ideal time to SUP in the islands. The weather and conditions are perfect. The end of the summer usually offers calm, flat waters perfect for instruction and exploration while the end of the Atlantic Hurricane season also has a tendency to serve up storm swells that can and often do produce world class waves. It’s early enough in our season whereby Kampers have undiluted access to any of Big Blue’s boats in the fleet needed for down wind support, reef access but also for non-SUP adventures.

10-12 Kampers are hosted at Blue Haven Resort – a few short steps from Big Blue, where all food and drink are inclusive meaning that the week is entirely focused on the paddle, the board, instruction and the ocean.

Essentially Kampers are assessed and then “re instructed” in the terms of the correct paddle stroke techniques. This is NOT to be underestimated. What Dave and John give Kampers are very clear guidelines and a framework on how to be good, strong and efficient paddlers. With the use of cameras and instance iPAD feedback, Kampers can see exactly where they are going wrong and right.

Come day 3 Kampers are ready for real adventure and Philip, Dave and John will discuss the best options. Hit the waves on the reef, open water paddling or back country safaris. There are so many options and Philip and his Big Blue SUP have unearthed so many gems that no two days are the same. The week is often broken up by either a half-day or full day non – paddling Turks and Caicos Excursion adventure.

We use Imagine SUPs and Quickblade paddles. We have water packs, snacks on hand and are surrounded by breathtaking beauty.


DURATION: 7th – 14th October 2017

  • 6 days
  • All meals except 2 lunches and ‘fish fry dinner’
  • Transportation, to and from airport
  • Private Villa


KALAMA KAMP RATES (per person $US) 2017

Single Occupancy (King Bed, private bathroom)

Double Ocupancy (King Bed, private bathroom) per person

Double Occupancy (spouse non SUP)

Resident rate (full course, 2 meals per day)

Resident rate (half course, 1 meal per day)

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6:28 pm


A true Hawaiian waterman in every sense of the word, is a legend in is own right and needs no introduction. He has surfed, Sup, windsurfed every conceivable break and has a love for long distance paddling. He is a shaper and designer following the tradition in a long line of legendary Hawaiian surfers. Today he is the head shaper and designer for Imagine surf. Suffice to say his boards are awesome in the waves and excel in flat water too.


“Big John”, lives in Florida and has worked with and known Dave for over 20 years. Having lived in Hawaii, John played an active role in the pioneering of Big Wave tow-in-surfing, most famously Peahi (aka Jaws). He has towed in many of the legends from Dave himself, to Laird Hamilton and Brett Lickle. He starred in the movie “Riding Giants” and has been part of the SUP since its inception. He is a PaddleFit Pro and also has a long history with Brody. John is a superb instructor, offering great care, humility and above all a great sense of humour. He is also a performance coach and sports psychologist. He specializes in stress replacement therapy and how to reduce stress by focusing the mind. His Heart Math introduction is not only ideal for SUP but for life!


Owner of Big Blue Unlimited and TCI expert bringing a lifetime of experience in, on and under the TCI waters. A waterman, Philip is an avid SUPer, kiter and free diver. He’ll take the pictures, skipper the boats, coordinate the week and lead the SUP adventures while supporting Dave and John with instruction.

Philip from Big Blue is the man. Big Blue has such a great operation, with new, top-of-the-line equipment for SUP surfing and paddling. Kalama Kamp is about sharing an authentic healthy lifestyle with people that have a passion for the ocean. Philip and Big Blue epitomize what we are trying to create for our Kampers. It’s simply a perfect fit.

Dave Kalama



Big Blue’s head SUP instructor. He is Paddle Fit certified and has been integral to every TCI Kalama Kamp bar one. To say he is laid back and jovial is an understatement. Always smiling and with a wealth of local knowledge, Ray helps Philip from start to finish throughout the week.

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Typical week

6:27 pm

Typical Week
Day 0: Arrival and evening drinks and Kamper and Team intro
Day 1: Beach work out, Breakfast, Instruction, Lunch, Paddle, Dinner
Day 2: Beach work out, Breakfast, Instruction, Lunch, Paddle, Dinner
Day 3: Beach work out, Breakfast, SUP adventure, Lunch, Boat trip, Dinner
Day 4: Beach work out, Breakfast, SUP adventure, Lunch, SUP Boat trip, Dinner
Day 5: Beach work out, Breakfast, SUP adventure, Lunch, SUP Boat trip, Dinner
Day 6: Beach work out, Breakfast, SUP adventure, Lunch, SUP Boat trip, Dinner
Day 7: Departure.


The paddle board training schedule is simply a framework. Too many factors ultimately make predicting how a week runs impossible to predict e.g. the tides, waves, wind, abilities and the energy levels of our kampers.

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Kids Kamp

6:28 pm

Every July, as soon as school is out, Big Blue focuses on kids between the ages of 9-16+. Kids are exposed to the ocean, its ecology and are taught the skills in order to actively engage with both.


For two weeks straight, Monday – Friday, 8.30am -5.30pm children are instructed and educated while exploring and adventuring through our beautiful back yard, called the TCI. This is a unique time to expose our children, who are otherwise too busy at school, to learn about our wildlife and maritime environment while at the same time having fun under relaxed and extremely safe conditions.

Big Blue want to provide a platform that:

  • Is good for confidence
  • Creates team ethics through bonding
  • Has creates empathy of how the environment is affected by our actions
  • Is excellent for healthy lifestyles, outdoors rather than indoors
  • Gives children a love for new activities they may not have considered
  • Above all gives children a lifetime love and respect for the Oceans – our most precious asset

Group sizes are kept to 8-10 and junior scuba divers are learning or certified are split into another group to focus on SCUBA alone.

We take children into the mangroves, to deserted cays and islands, onto the reef and under the sea over our walls to experience first hand all that Big Blue has to offer. They are taught about boats, ropes, anchors, moorings as well as proper maritime etiquette in regards to corals and other sensitive habitats.

The education they are given is also seen by Big Blue has having to be two fold.

  • The actual instruction of the skills themselves
  • What the learning and successful understanding of these skills and concepts provides the children with.

In our first Kids Kamp we certified almost 20 junior open water divers and had 20 other kayaking, snorkeling, SUPing and exploring these amazing islands. This year many of those children are booked to continue as certified divers, while new arrivals will get a taste of what Big Blue is all about.


Duration: 5 days. Mon-Fri. 8.30am-5.30pm
10-14 yrs (Coastal Explorer) $400 per week
12-14 yrs (jnr, Open water) $525 per week
12-14 yrs (junior adv. Open water) $625 per week

Book your Kalama Kids Kamp early to avoid dissapointment.

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Out Island Eco Tours

17th March 2015 11:11 am

The roots and culture of the Caicos Islands are found on North, Middle & South Caicos. Their small populations and sleepy natures disguise the fact that they were once areas flourishing in agriculture and industry. Most of the people you will meet there will have a keen interest in fishing, farming or both. When the loyalists settled here in the 18th century it was mainly on North and Middle Caicos that they established their cotton plantations.

By the early 19th century South Caicos had surpassed the Turks Islands in the production of salt and is still considered the fishing capital of the country. Big Blue has out-posts on all these islands and benefitting from over 15 years of experience along with our extensive network of guides, bikes, kayaks and boats, we are proud to recommend our most rewarding and interactive ecotourism excursions.

STAYING ON NORTH, MIDDLE OR SOUTH CAICOS? Contact Big Blue to find out about local activities, rentals and eco-tours.

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Joe Grants Cay & East Caicos

5th December 2016 5:23 pm

Take a boat from Middle Caicos to explore the uninhabited areas around Joe Grant’s Cay and East Caicos. These two islands are perhaps the most beautiful in the archipelago. One thing is for sure you will have the place to yourself to experience this stunning corner of the Caicos Islands. 

Enjoy deserted beaches, adventurous snorkeling with some of the most pristine reefs in the country along with a long forgotten island history. This trip is a must for any returning visitor.

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Heart of the Islands

19th March 2015 6:20 pm

This award winning cultural and sightseeing eco-tour to North and Middle Caicos is a must do. This full day trip is designed to transport you to the major scenic sites of North and Middle Caicos, and to introduce you to the amazing history, friendly people and traditional culture of the islands. For 20 years Big Blue has partnered with local residents and the Turks and Caicos National Trust in promoting the cultural history of these islands and is proud to bring you together with our eco partners at the Middle Caicos Co-op and at Daniels Café.


  • Take a private boat from the Big Blue base on Providenciales to North Caicos across the sparkling turquoise sea. Approximately 30 minutes.
  • Transfer to one of our team’s operated air-conditioned passenger vans and meet your knowledgeable local driver who will team with the Big Blue staff to guide you around the islands.
  • Visit the Flamingo Pond Nature Reserve (binocular viewing only).
  • Explore the extensive limestone cave system at Conch Bar Caves National Park.
  • Learn about local artisans and traditional handcrafts at the Middle Caicos Co-op – a long term project sponsored by Big Blue Unlimited.
  • Walk along the cliffs and beach at Mudjin Harbour to enjoy the most impressive coastline in the TCI.
  • Enjoy true local seafood at Daniels Café, a local family business and winner of Trip Advisor Hall of Fame award 2015.
  • Discover the rich history of colonial Loyalists at the outstanding ruins of Wade’s Green Plantation.


Lean on Big Blue’s experience and local knowledge while you enjoy this special day trip. Our guides are all local residents from the Caicos Islands, waiting to introduce you to their islands and to share their stories.


Above all soak up the relaxed ambiance and enjoy the hospitality in the Heart of the Caicos Islands. Prices include all transport, entrance fees, lunch, and refreshments throughout the day. Please bring cash or credit card if you wish to purchase quality gifts and souvenirs at the craft co-op. Our small group eco-tours take a maximum of 9 guests, and private eco-tours can be customized to suit your interests and needs.



$285pp (adults)



Full day from 8am -5pm

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The Big South Adventure

6:21 pm

Big Blue offers private guided adventures to and on South Caicos with transport from Providenciales by air. The short 20 minute flight bring you to a unique island with a fascinating history that was once centered around a productive salt industry and thriving fishing trade. The vibes remains extremely friendly and the township of Cockburn Harbour boasts a delightful Bermudian style architecture with picturesque stone-walled streets.


The Big Blue guide will meet you at the airport on South Caicos and escort you on a short historical tour of the island. Look for pink flamingos and other wading birds as you walk around the expansive salt flats and the older parts of town. Take a journey on a local fishing boat to see the island from the water, explore the beaches of nearby Long Cay National Park and, if conditions allow, snorkel some spectacular reefs around Dove Cay in the mouth of the harbor. Wash all this down with a fresh seafood lunch on the waterfront at Darrel’s sunset Café and watch the fishermen bring in their catch of conch, lobster and fish for the day.


Big Blue also keeps a fleet of mountain bikes and a few kayaks on South Caicos. These can be rented under the supervision and support of Big Blue’s team on South Caicos. Bike around the salt ponds and up onto the eastern ridges where donkeys roam and wild beaches wait to be discovered. Kayak options include the Harbour and Long Cay area in the southern part of the island or drive past Belle Sound National Park to launch from the northern peninsula. Here you can explore the spectacular channels and vibrant wetlands between a string of remote cays all the way to East Caicos. Prior kayak and navigation experience is essential.

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21st September 2015 12:06 pm

Big Blue has a wealth of experience conducting eco-tours and adventures on North & Middle Caicos and a variety of options can be customized to suit individual or large family preferences. The classic ‘Heart of the Islands Eco-Tour’ can be conducted privately and modified as needed. A fleet of hybrid bikes and recreational kayaks are available for a slower paced or more energetic experience. Ponds, creeks and dry forests provided ideal habitat for vibrant bird life including Pink Flamingos, West Indian Whistling Ducks, Bananaquit, Black Necked Stilts and the rare Antillean Bullfinch. Experienced Big Blue guides can escort bird-watchers to the best locations to see birds at different times of the year.


For those who have already experienced our award winning ‘Heart of the Islands’ Eco-tour or if you’re looking for a more off the beaten path experience, Big Blue offers a private adventure to explore the wild east end of Middle Caicos. The highlight of the day is venturing down to ‘Wild Cow Run’ beach and the mouth of the gorgeous Windward-Going-Through channel where the swimming &beach-combing are sensational. You will visit the historical villages of Lorimers and Bambarra and you can also walk the short field road into the abandoned cotton plantation site known as Haulover. There are other isolated beaches you can explore along the coast and if you are still feeling energetic, venture into the extensive limestone caves near ‘Conch Bar’ on the way back across the island. Refreshments are provided through the day including either a picnic lunch served on the beach or fresh seafood at Daniel’s Café.

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19th March 2015 6:22 pm

Heart of the Islands Eco-tour9hrs$285
Big South Adventure10hrs$750 2 persons
Joe Grant's Cay & East Caicos9hrs$1550 Max 2 persons


* Guests pay separately for flight, airport transfers and lunch

Note- 12% Government Tax

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What to Bring & Wear

6:23 pm

Big Blue prefers to supports the local shops, “cafes”/ “restaurants” and businesses when exploring the outer islands. This is a large part of eco tourism. We will provide a small array of fresh fruit and drinks but otherwise purchase goods for sale on these islands. Except for alcoholic drinks this is included in the Eco Adventure prices.

Guests should bring:

  • Solid shoes (for the caves and plantation walks)
  • Sandals
  • Towels
  • Bathing suit (ladies may want to wear these under their clothing as changing facilities can be limited)
  • A spare shirt or top for the journey home
  • A hat
  • 100% Biodegradable Sunscreen * Mandatory for ALL trips

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17th March 2015 11:11 am

Travelling by bike is a fun way to see these islands. Cycling helps give a greater appreciation of the landscape and communities that you pass through. The leisurely pace allows you to see more, take in the aromas of the countryside and stop when something or someone catches your eye. Big Blue has been offering biking Eco tours since 1999. We have experimented with many different routes and itineraries across North & Middle Caicos.

We have involved the local communities for home cooked meals, bike maintenance and logistical support. We are proud to continue this tradition and currently offer three different types of biking Eco-tours. We do not offer biking tours on Providenciales and urge visitors using bikes on this island to be very mindful of the traffic and always wear a helmet.

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North Caicos Biking Eco-tour

19th March 2015 6:16 pm

Get on our bikes to soak up the laid back atmosphere and vibe of ‘the garden island’. It is an enjoyable day of easy biking on hybrid suspension bikes which takes you through the interior of North Caicos to the farming community of Kew, the Wade’s Green cotton plantation ruins and Cottage Pond, a blue hole 250ft deep.

Head down to the north shore to visit the Flamingo Pond Nature Reserve (binocular viewing) and enjoy a fabulous dining experience at a restaurant on the waterfront. After lunch you can relax on the beach, swim in the turquoise waters, or siesta under the shade of a palm tree. From here it is a gentle bike ride along the coast to pick up the Big Blue boat back to Provo.

The total biking distance is approximately 12 miles.

A minimum age of 15 yrs is recommended and bikes start at 15” frames.

PRICE: $225 PP

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Custom North & Middle Caicos

6:16 pm

Explore further afield on either or both of these stunning islands. Travel a longer bike route across Middle and take the historical King’s Road past the Conch Bar caves to Bambarra, onto Lorimers and then back along the northern coastal track to Conch Bar village.

Biking can also be combined with other activities and customized for partial biking (one-way). Highlights are the scenic, less used roads, stunning beaches and the small local communities. Transport is provided from Provo by boat and vehicle or for the really decadent you can fly in and out by helicopter.


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6:17 pm

BIKE ECO-TOURSTimeAdultsPer add. pers.
North Caicos Bike Eco-tour6-7hrs$225n/a
Private Bike8hrs +$1100 for 2$100
Custom North & Middle8hrs +$1350 for 2$150


Note- 12% Government Tax

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What to Bring & Wear

6:17 pm

  • Sturdy shoes (not sandals or flip flops)
  • Towel and swim wear (optional)
  • Small back-pack (Big Blue has a limited supply if required)
  • Camera and hat
  • 100% Biodegradable Sunscreen * Mandatory for ALL trips
  • Spare shirt for the journey home
  • Light raincoat during summer months (May to Aug)
  • Cash for local souvenirs
  • All transport, refreshments and meals are included in your tour price.
  • Bike helmet are mandatory and provided by Big Blue

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Private Charters

17th March 2015 11:11 am

Big Blue has assembled the finest powerboat fleet in the country. This includes a range of wave piercing catamarans, including a luxurious 40ft Hinckley. Our vessels are set-up as first-rate scuba diving, snorkeling and adventure platforms that are available for private charters across the archipelago.

Whether you want to take a gentle cruise up the nearby Caicos Cays or explore further afield to West Caicos, French Cay or even South Caicos, Big Blue has the right boat for you. Big Blue can take the truly adventurous to the uninhabited region of East Caicos and Joe Grant’s Cay or to the remote cays on the southern extremes of the Caicos or Turks Banks. Regardless of where you go and what you want to do, Big Blue’s experience of the tides and sea conditions, and knowledge of the islands, the reefs and the mangrove wilderness, will help you discover the true beauty of the Turks and Caicos.

Snorkel gear is always provided and many of the vessels can be outfitted with dive equipment and guides where needed. Big Blue’s dive instructors can provide ‘on the water’ dive instruction for beginners. Most of our vessels have space to bring paddleboards, kayaks and kiting gear along as well. Food and beverages are served to your requirements and taste by Big Blue’s very own chef and we have a selection of healthy snacks or meals to choose from. So turn on the tunes, soak up the sun, and replenish the soul; it simply doesn’t get any better. 100% Adventure.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Eco Adventures, Paddle Turks & Caicos | BIG BLUE UNLIMITED

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The fleet

19th March 2015 6:06 pm

  • 24ft power catamaran
  • Up to 6 guests including 3 divers
  • Twin 150Hp 4-stroke engines
  • Swim platform, large ladder, dry cabin
  • Shaded seating in stern, retractable shade in bow

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21st September 2015 12:51 pm

New to join the Big Blue fleet is another of the favorite 26ft Glacier Bay power catamaran. She has also been installed with new Yamaha 150Hp 4-stroke engines and had a complete electric overhaul in summer 2015. She is comfortably set-up for private charters and snorkel eco-tours, capable of taking up to 8 guests in comfort to locations near and far in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  The displacement hulls on these Glacier Bay models are designed to maintain good boat speed even in a choppy sea. It is easy to see why these are a much loved vessel among the Big Blue captains.

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19th March 2015 6:09 pm

This 40ft luxury cruisermade by the famous New England Company Hinckley is a beautiful and graceful vessel. The stunning woodwork, air conditioned salon and large swim platform make her a very delightful boat to spend a few hours on. Whether looking for a peaceful cruise up the coast or a memorable ride to a beach wedding Addenda is a gorgeous experience from beginning to end and can cater for up to 8 guests.

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Live & direct

6:08 pm

  • 40ft power catamaran
  • Up to 12 guests, 9 divers
  • Twin yanmar inboard engines
  • Split decks, large dry cabin, table, seating, shade and sun deck, marine head (toilet), large swim platform
  • Shallow draft, superb adventure

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6:08 pm

The flagship of Big Blue fleet is the 40ft power catamaran known as ‘Live & Direct’. Despite being powered by twin inboard Yanmar engines she has a very useful shallow draft providing maximum capability for dive, snorkel and other adventures. She is has a dry cabin and bathroom below, a good working deck and swim platform extending the width of the boat, and a high visibility driving tower. The large bow complete the package and provides areas where crew and guests can enjoy the journey and relax at anchorage. The Bellecraft catamaran is comfortable for up to 15 guests or 9 divers.

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6:07 pm

The most long standing and faithful vessel in the Big Blue fleet ‘Yes-I’ is a 26ft power cat that has undertaken some memorable adventures over the years. She has recently had a complete electrical overhaul and was fitted with new 150Hp Yamaha 4-stroke engines in the summer of 2015. This very comfortable ‘Glacier Bay’ twin hull can hold up to 8 guests in shaded comfort in the bow and stern and is well set-up for 4 scuba divers. She has a solid boarding ladder and even boasts a roof rack for carrying kayaks and paddleboards for extra diversity.

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Rocking time

6:06 pm

The smallest of the Big Blue charter fleet, Rockin’ Time is a 24ft power catamaran built by ‘World Cat’. She is comfortable for up to 6 guests with shaded seating in the bow and stern, and can cater to 4 scuba divers plus a dive-master. She is powered by twin 150Hp Yamaha 4-stroke engines, has a solid dive boarding ladder on the stern and a dry centre console for personal belongings.

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North-Shore Reefs and Beaches

6:09 pm

Our Caicos Cays is the perfect half-day trip with instant access to the National Parks and Nature Reserves adjacent to the Big Blue base. This stunning area includes both dive and snorkel reefs, a series of beautiful cays with their endless white sand beaches, and a protected turquoise lagoon. The small island of Little Water Cay is an Iguana Sanctuary with short nature trails managed by the Turks and Caicos National Trust. It is easy to make the most of the 4-mile stretch we call the Caicos Cays in just a few hours.

Extend this classic charter to a full-day of exploration and snorkeling around Providenciales or up the coast to North Caicos. Enjoy the waters along Blue Hills and the rarely visited and otherwise inaccessible beaches on the west coast of Provo. Or head in the other direction towards North Caicos and the East Bay Cay National Park. Lunch options include a gourmet picnic on board your private Big Blue vessel or experience some fun dining options at waterfront restaurants including the Conch Shack, AmanyaraHotel and Boogaloos on Provo, or The Barracuda Beach Bar in Whitby on North Caicos.

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West Caicos Adventures

6:10 pm

Big Blue adventures to West Caicos are a firm favourite among our team and our guests. It is an hour drive across the Caicos Banks to ‘La Belle Isle’ and the protected rocky coast of the island offers some truly excellent diving and snorkeling. The deep wall drops off very close to the island making the diving very convenient and offering some exciting ‘free-diving’ opportunities for snorkelers too.

There are many beautiful coves perfect for swimming and snorkeling and as well as opportunities to take a walk inland to see old ruined plantations and the beautiful Lake Catherine. A trip in this direction often includes some time on the otherwise inaccessible beaches and creeks of western Provo. Here kayaks and paddleboards can open up a whole new world. If weather permits you can return home a different way and circumnavigate Provo at the same time. In the winter months we prefer to take the northern route to look for the migrating Humpback Whales. Big Blue has many years of experience ‘whale watching’ and has an enviable record of soft in-water whale encounters. It is also possible to pick-up & drop-off guests from private villas along the southern shore of Providenciales at Taylor Bay, Sapodilla Bay and Turtle Tail.

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French Cay and the Caicos Banks

6:10 pm

French Cay is a small island and national bird sanctuary on the edge of Caicos Banks 18 miles directly south of Providenciales. Our comfortable and stable vessels can reach the island in less than one hour from our Leeward Base. French Cay received its name from a notorious pirate who used the outpost as a raiding station in the 18th century to attack merchant ships using the deep channels between the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Some of the best snorkeling and diving reefs in the TCI are found fringing this small bird inhabited island and a few miles further away is the site of an ancient shipwreck on the shallow Molasses Reef. The Shipwreck was excavated by marine archeologists in the 1980’s and forms the centerpiece for National Museum on Grand Turk.

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Ultimate Adventures

6:11 pm

The pinnacle of Big Blue’s excursions is manifested in our Ultimate Private Charter Adventures. We have the expertise and ability to reach those out of the way and rarely visited locations around the Turks and Caicos Islands that no one else can match. This is where 20 years of dedicated exploration, local partnerships and quest for knowledge gets you. We are excited to offer a series of ‘Ultimate Adventures’ to our guests aboard a variety of Big Blue vessels.

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Remote Caicos

6:13 pm

The South-East Caicos Banks is about as remote as it gets in the Turks and Caicos. Yet here lie some hidden treasures. Rarely calm but always exciting the seemingly endless turquoise waters suddenly give way to some beautiful cays and beaches that provide you with an unmatched opportunity to feel like an explorer. Little Ambergris Cay, the Fish Cays, Bush Cay and White Cay, but to name a few, provide shelter in this watery expanse and provide some wonderful snorkeling, beach combing and bird-watching. If you’re a kite enthusiast this might be your greatest dream come true and we’ve also had some of our greatest whale encounters in these areas. Journey times will be in the 2-hour region or more but on the right day it’s an ultimate Big Blue adventure.

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South Caicos

6:12 pm

Remote South Caicos is located on the eastern side of the Caicos Banks and was once a diving mecca before tourism shifted to Providenciales. The small town is still considered the fishing capital of the Caicos Islands and boasts some delightful 19th Century Bermudian style architecture. The islands and reefs surrounding the area offer both spectacular diving and snorkeling opportunities for more intrepid explorers. Big Blue private charter vessels make the journey in 2-hours and other than diving and snorkeling, can mix up the activities to include kayaking, paddle-boarding and kite-boarding safaris.  Please contact Big Blue for more information and to custom design your ideal adventure.

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East Caicos – JOE GRANT’S CAY

6:12 pm

To experience unspoiled beauty and uninhabited islands venture east around the outside of the Caicos chain to Joe Grant’s Cay and East Caicos by boat during calm weather in the summer months. Alternatively step on our boat to North Caicos and enjoy the scenic 50-minute road journey to the Bambara Beach on Middle Caicos before transferring to another boat for the rest of the day. Knowledge of the reef layout in the shallow water is essential and our local boat captain has spent his entire life navigating these reefs. Heading round the eastern headlands of Middle Caicos you pass along the long and deserted beach known as ‘Wild Cow Run’ and down to the Windward-Going-Through where the sand bars and turquoise waters are truly amazing.

Continue onto to Joe Grants Cay, a gem of an island where you can snorkel the extensive coral reefs, walk isolated beaches and climb the bluff to enjoy expansive views across the area. Continue onto the large island of East Caicos to enjoy a picnic lunch on an incredible and protected beach. The island is peppered with C19th sisal plantation buildings and old anchors and canons are found discarded in the water. Return home tired but satiated after this unique adventure.

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6:13 pm

Private Boat charter pricing starts at $1000. There are so many variables and permutations. In short you dream it and we will make it happen. No two charters are the same. One thing is for sure they are the best way to experience the Turks and Caicos and the Team Big Blue family.


Note- 12% Government Tax

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17th March 2015 11:10 am

Big Blue Unlimited has been diving the Turks and Caicos since we started in 1997. Our small group concept of max 4 divers was the cornerstone of our philosophy. Less is more. Over fifteen years and tens of thousands of dives later, we still only dive in small groups (4-9) with no dive time limits and flexible dive profiles.

Our dive team includes some of the most experienced and knowledgeable instructors on island who are not transient and some who have been diving here since the ‘80’s. We know the reefs, the sites and the best diving conditions. We are the ONLY operation that continually dives ALL the five major dive areas (Grace Bay, Pine Cay, North West Point, West Caicos and French Cay). We also venture further afield off the beaten path to South Caicos and beyond.

Our dive boats are fast and comfortable and are perfectly equipped for small groups diving the Turks and Caicos Islands. We provide top of the line Cressi mask and fins, Oneill wetsuits, Suunto computers, Aqualung BCD’s and Sherwood regulators. All boats have O2 kits and are TCI marine certified.

Weather, wind, current and tides can have a huge bearing on all the different dive areas. Our Leeward base offers us the best chance to assess those conditions. Constant in house discussions and information based on our other trips allows us to make real time adjustments to better provide you with the best diving experience.

We are always on the look out for open ocean encounters and have an exceptional record with whales, dolphins and whale sharks. Our team will do their best to get you in the water when the opportunity arises. Be ready!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Eco Adventures, Paddle Turks & Caicos | BIG BLUE UNLIMITED

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7th December 2016 3:40 pm

Grace Bay dive sites are located along the north shore of Providenciales and only 10 minutes from Big Blue.  The dive sites range from 30 feet to 100 feet at the bottom of the ‘mini’ wall.  The top of the wall is characterised by lively spur and groove coral formations and large plateaus of sand, which provide some picturesque diving in easy conditions. Grace Bay is located within the Princess Alexandra National Park and as such is vibrant and healthy. The tidal currents and Atlantic weather patterns can govern the condition of the water. Dive trips are timed accordingly when possible. 

Pine Cay is a 15-minute boat journey from Leeward and lies to the north east of Providenciales.  This area is a little deeper than Grace Bay and is characterised less by sand and more by large undulating coral hills.  Large schools of fish, lobster and turtles are common here.  It is an excellent area to dive offering high water clarity. It is one of the favourite dive areas for the Big Blue instructors.

North West Point is famous for its steep wall and is approximately 45 minutes from Leeward on the west coast of Providenciales.  Starting at 40 feet in the sand it does indeed drop off several thousand feet into the blue.  There is an incredible amount of life on the walls, which is also marked by several gullies, cracks and overhangs.  It is worth bringing a flashlight on these dives, as much of the marine life is lives in the recesses along wall. North-West Point is also an excellent training area offering good sand and coral in a 20-30ft-depth range.

French Cay can be among the best diving in the Turks and Caicos and is another favourite destination for Big Blue.  The diving is more advanced here with potential currents, heavy seas and deeper water below the boat.  The sea life is outstanding with a high chance of encountering reef sharks and eagle rays.  The top and sides of the wall host an estimated 80% coral cover and support large amounts of fish and invertebrates life.  French Cay is a 60-minute boat ride away from Big Blue in Leeward.

West Sand Spit is 6 miles south of French Cay. Its namesake derives from a long sand bar that marks the end point of the westward drift of oolitic sand across the Caicos Banks from the Ambergris Cays. The protection afforded by the sand bar has allowed a healthy coral system to flourish and its remote location sees few divers.

West Caicos also offers some excellent diving about 75 minutes by boat from the Leeward.  Stretching along its leeward shore there is an outstanding and awe inspiring wall that starts at 50 feet and disappears into the abyss.  Here too there is a good opportunity to see eagle rays, reef sharks and other large pelagic.  The proximity of the wall to the shore provides favourable surface conditions and is a popular location for private boat adventures as well as Big Blue’s ‘Edge of the Banks’ Adventure. Just north of West Caicos lies Sandbore Channel, which, although very tidal when timed accordingly, does offer exceptional, if not some of the absolute best diving with prolific marine-life.

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3:14 pm

Scuba diving is all about the experience, your experience and our experience. From the very beginning we always felt a lot was missing when diving in big groups, on a timetable with maximum time and depths limiting every aspect of every dive. We believe that the diving program must be flexible enough to accommodate weather, tide, dive site profiles, likely fish life and habits, as well as your own personal diving history and experience. If you are a seasoned diver then you should be given the freedom to exercise your passion to the maximum in the safest way possible. Equally, if you are a new or nervous diver then you will want the attention and comfort offered by being surrounded by top-level professionals whose sole concern is your experience.

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Small Groups – Flexible Profiles – Extended Surface Intervals

3:19 pm

We only do small group diving, really small groups from 4-6 on our smaller vessels to MAXIMUM 9 on our 40’ foot vessel. Less is more in every sense of the word when diving.

Think about this for a minute: you want attention. In small groups you’ll be the centre of attention. Less people in a group means more time to get ready. It means less people in the water scaring away fish life and makes it easier for our guides and instructors to watch you and show you the cool stuff. Our impact is reduced, which is better for the marine life and coral life. YOU WILL SEE MORE.

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1 Tank Dive

19th March 2015 5:31 pm

A fun and convenient dive along the lively mini-wall in Grace Bay. The proximity and depth of the dive sites such as Pinnacles, Cathedral and Graceland allow for long dives close to home. Price includes all equipment and a guide. ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ courses are also available for non-certified divers, which include pool training. Please ask for pricing or check instruction. Private for up to 4 people $950.

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2 Tank Dives (North & Southside Locations)

5:31 pm

Dive and experience the world-class reefs and walls in Grace Bay, Pine Cay, NW Point, French Cay and West Caicos like no one else. Absolutely no rush, no bottom time limits and no crowds guaranteed. Be ready for the open ocean wildlife encounters like dolphins and whales. Enjoy extended surface intervals and explore rare and unusual dive sites rarely visited. Dive trip departure times are often scheduled around the high tides for optimum visibility. We go where we think its best on the day, depending on weather, tide, currents and recent underwater encounters. If you really want to dive a particular site, we’ll try and get you there. Lunch provided. $25 discount if you bring all your own equipment. $235

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Night Dive

7th December 2016 2:48 pm

Every diver knows that nighttime can be an exceptional time to explore the reefs. The invertebrates, corals and plankton all come out to feed and you never know what you will see. The short trip to Grace Bay with dives sites as shallow as 25 feet is ideal for night diving. A maximum of 6 divers required for night dives. Private only.

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Private charters

19th March 2015 5:32 pm

Our private charter dive program is extremely popular and is in essence the closest thing to how Philip and Mark started the Big Blue adventures. Private charters enables friends and family to dive without any schedule and experience sites less visited.

Small groups, on our smaller more intimate dive vessels provide our guests with ample flexibility and comfort to make the most out of any diving adventure.

New divers will find doing a DSD (PADI discover scuba) while on a private charter is perhaps the best way to experience the underwater world away from larger groups surrounded instead by friends and family.

Our Private dive charters allow us to take divers to all the best spots around French Cay, West Caicos, Provo, Pine Cay and beyond. Long dives, even longer surface intervals and superb food and drinks will satisfy all types of divers. Book early. You will not be disappointed.

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Instructors And Gear

7th December 2016 3:31 pm

Our scuba team is the most well-rounded and experienced dive team in the Turks and Caicos. Our combined scuba experience alone exceeds well over 200 years! We know diving and in the Turks and Caicos some of us have been diving since the late 80’s and early 90’s. We know when to go, where to go and when not to go. Surface conditions do not always reflect what is happening underwater and strange as it may seem rough weather often invigorates the reefs, infusing them with energy and life. As PADI instructors, we teach nearly all of the courses you will ever need or wish to do from DISCOVER SCUBA all the way to DIVEMASTER.

We use some of the best equipment on the market today – Cressi-sub mask, fins and snorkel, O’Neill wetsuits, Aqualung BCD’s and Sherwood regulators. The gear is constantly maintained and upgraded where required to make sure you only think about the underworld and not a leaky mask!

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Instruction And Dive Courses

19th March 2015 5:32 pm

Big Blue Unlimited provides high quality dive instruction on a private or semi-private basis. Thorough training is essential at all stages of diving and no more so than at the beginning of a student’s dive career or during their first ‘try dive’ experience’. Scuba diving can be a daunting prospect for some and a natural extension of snorkeling for others. It is a sport that should be taken seriously by all and there is no substitute for good instruction, a solid knowledge base and a good habit of safe diving practices. The Big Blue instructors teach through the PADI agency; a respected and professional organization the world over.

The following courses are the most popular at Big Blue Unlimited but which one is right for you?


This is a relatively quick, non-certifying course for beginners that include pool training and a supervised dive(s) to a maximum of 40ft. If you do not have much time to spare on your vacation, or you are just looking for quick introduction to the sport then this can be an excellent choice. Sea conditions in Grace Bay on Providenciales or at the North-West Point of the island are usually ideal for this beginner course and provide a safe and easy location for your first underwater breathing experience. The DSD training can be credited towards the full open water certification if this is continued within less than a year.


The course is a full certification course. If you want to do more than just a single day of diving and you want to know how to dive with other divers along the famous Turks and Caicos walls, or in other locations around the world then becoming certified is a must. You will learn all the basics of diving and start building on that essential knowledge base and skill set. You will receive training both in a swimming pool and in the open water. You will learn about the science of diving as well as dive equipment, planning, safety and execution. Traditionally a four to five day course, it is broken down into modules, some of which can be completed before you leave home – highly recommended. Your training is recorded in your training logbook where you can also record you future dive experiences.

Coursework: the preferred method is to sign up for a PADI online course that will take you step by step through the theory of diving. Knowledge reviews are completed after each chapter and a multi-choice exam completes the 5-6 hour coursework. We recommend that students do the online work just before embarking on the next phase of the course so that the information stays fresh.

Pool training provides you with a safe and controlled environment to learn and practice the basic dive skills. This portion can also be conducted through a dive shop in your home country or our Big Blue instructor

Open water dives: The waters around Providenciales are a great place to do the 4 open-water training dives that complete the PADI Open Water course. Skills are honed both on the surface and underwater. You will dive to a maximum of 60ft and your instructor will provide plenty of feedback and time to practice.


The next level of training after the Open Water course is the PADI Advanced Open Water course. This provides the opportunity to investigate different disciplines of diving and includes 2 core dives and 3 elective dives. One of the two mandatory dives builds on the basic underwater navigation you learned in the Open Water course, the other exposes you to a deep dive beyond 100ft. ELearning online coursework accompanies the practical portion of the training and also includes an exam. Choose from a variety of elective dives including drift dive, u/w naturalist, night dive, and photography.


An enriched air nitrox tank has an increased percentage of oxygen and a reduced amount of nitrogen. It is used to increase the safety factor of a dive or extend non-decompression limits. It should be the gas of choice for all recreational dives but it particularly recommended as divers get older or are not as physically fit as they could be. The nitrox course covers the theory behind mixed gas and the importance of analyzing the dive tank. It is a short course that can be combined with a 2-tank dive trip.

Further Education: Extend your diving knowledge and training with a variety of specialty courses, Rescue Diver or a professional Dive-master qualification.

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5:33 pm

Dive Trip*Dive
1 Tank$95$175$25
2 Tank North or South Side
Grace Bay, Pine Cay NW Point, West Caicos, French Cay
Night Dive$120$200$50

All rental equipment is included in the rates, a discount will be applied if you bring your own equipment.

Discover Scuba Diving
(Resort Course)
Per Person
Instruction + 1 dive$245
Instruction + 2 dives$345
Rental GearPrice
per Piece
3 Piece
Dive ComputerComplimentaryComplimentary


Note- 12% Government Tax

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What to bring & wear

5:33 pm

Big Blue provides:

  • Sherwood, Aqualung and Cressi Sub BCD’s and Regulators for daily and multi day rental

We provide complimentary:

  • Cressi Sub mask, fins and snorkels
  • Suunto dive computers * Mandatory
  • SMB’s (surface marker buoys)
  • Dive Alerts

Please bring:

  • Log books
  • A warm top
  • A hat
  • A towel
  • A dry change of clothes (eg dry shorts, spare t shirt)
  • 100% Biodegradable Sunscreen * Mandatory for ALL trips

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17th March 2015 11:10 am

The Turks and Caicos Islands has excellent weather, warm water and some exceptional snorkeling. Clear water and shallow reefs surround the Islands and teem with fish, coral and invertebrate life. Big Blue conducts multiple snorkel trips throughout the week to a variety of destinations. Big Blue is dedicated to protecting the marine environment with the emphasis on good snorkel and boating etiquette at all times.

Join the team of enthusiastic snorkel guides and instructors who will maximize your in water experience.

Turks and Caicos Snorkeling and Boat Adventures

Snorkeling is a key focus on many of the Big Blue eco-tours and private boat adventures, and we have spent many years exploring the reefs near and far. Of course one of the joys of snorkelling is its simplicity. It is great fun, easy to learn and you need minimal equipment. It’s also an ideal introduction to the wonders of the underwater realm and perfect for the whole family. For many it is often the first step to learning to scuba dive or to being introduced to the lure of breath hold free-diving.

Read on and choose your Big Blue snorkel adventures in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Eco Adventures, Paddle Turks & Caicos | BIG BLUE UNLIMITED

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Classic Snorkel

19th March 2015 5:20 pm

A quick snorkel adventure to one or two different locations on the nearby barrier reef. Knowledgeable guides will snorkel with you and share information on fish identification and coral reef ecology. Ideal for smaller children and those first starting out. Travel time is minimal allowing for maximum in water time minutes from our dock. Perfect for couples, families and children.



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Sunset Snorkel

5:21 pm

It’s hard to beat snorkeling on the reef when you have it virtually to yourself. As the sun sets, the reef comes alive with the changing of the guard. Dappled light creates an atmosphere underwater only dawn can rival. You’ll be in the water minutes after leaving the dock and can enjoy a mellow ride back as the sun sinks into the sea. Perfect for couples, families and children.


PRICE $120

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Snorkel Eco-tour

5th December 2016 11:50 am

The only dedicated snorkel adventure on the North Shore. We go to three different locations along the barrier reef. Our knowledgeable guides get in the water and snorkel with you to share information on fish identification and coral reef ecology. This trip is all about in water time. If we see dolphins or whales, all bets are off and we head out into the ocean to join them if they allow us to. If you love the ocean and being underwater, then this one’s for you.


PRICE $145

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Caicos Cays Cruise

11:51 am

Explore North along the coast of the Caicos Cays towards the world famous Parrot Cay. Visit the iguana sanctuary on Little Water Cay, snorkel on the barrier reef offshore and comb the beautiful beaches around Pine Cay, Fort George Cay and Dellis Cay. Includes $10pp iguana conservation fee.


PRICE $145

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Sup & Snorkel Eco-tour

11:51 am

Paddle through the Nature Reserve and wetlands past Little Water Cay and out to the barrier reef. Using the wind or the tide or both will take you from the shallows to the deep, across the lagoon to the reef. See turtles, rays and juvenile sharks from above and then check them out from below. It’s an awesome and unique trip no one else can do. Boat support provided on the reef for snorkeling. Prior paddle experience is required. Doing our 2-hour SUP eco tour before hand is ideal.


PRICE $145

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Edge of The Banks Adventure

11:53 am

This adventurous boat trip is hands down a team favourite. And for good reasons as well. It is simply awesome. There is no public trip like this available in the TCI. Visit French Cay or West Caicos & other remote islands and snorkel reefs located around the edge of the Caicos Banks. Secret spots, open ocean encounters, stunning virgin reefs and rarely a boat in sight. You’ll experience the “unlimited” nature and passion of team Big Blue, where we bring you unrivalled action, adventure and education. Cameras are essential. Prior snorkel experience is recommended.


PRICE $235

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Snorkel Kayak Adventure

11:54 am

Travel by boat to remote mangrove wilderness. Jump into kayaks to explore the labyrinth of unique and isolated channels in this stunning protected wetlands reserve that only we explore. Head to a beautiful uninhabited sandy cay for a picnic lunch and a beach walk and then cool off with some dedicated snorkeling time on shallow corals reef near Pine Cay. A true eco adventure in every sense, this trip reveals the true essence Turks and Caicos coastal ecology.


PRICE $235

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Custom / Private Snorkeling

19th March 2015 5:24 pm

Half-Day Adventures
Snorkel or dive on the barrier reef, cruise the Caicos Cays or explore Provo’s north-shore along Grace Bay & Blue Hills. Visit the iguana sanctuary (park fee) and enjoy beautiful beaches and reefs. From $1000.

Full-Day Adventures
North West Point, French Cay, West Caicos and beyond. Beach hop the north-shore, circumnavigate Provo, explore a lake, find ruins, jump cliffs, discover caves, snorkel reefs, dive walls or paddle remote coves and beaches. From $1800

Ultimate Boat Adventures
Take a boat from Leeward, Provo to the remote islands of East Caicos to explore wild beaches, great snorkeling and epic paddling. Or head across the Banks to South Caicos to dive, snorkel, paddle or kiteboard and enjoy the unique local history culture of the Caicos Islands. Endless possibilities. From $2,600

Big South’ Adventures (9hrs+)
It is a short flight to the historic and peaceful island of South Caicos; fishing capital of TCI. Enjoy a guided tour through the historical streets and salt ponds of Cockburn Harbour. Boat trips from South Caicos either visit nearby cays & snorkel reefs or explore up the wild east coast all the way to McCartney Cay and the tip of East Caicos. The area is truly a jewel in the TCI. From $750 for 2 persons. Guests pay separately for airport transfers, flights & lunch.

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5:24 pm

Classic Snorkel2hrs$95
Sunset Snorkel2hrs$120
Snorkel Eco-tour4hrs$145
Caicos Cays Cruise4hrs$145
Sup & Snorkel Eco-Tour4hrs$145
Edge Of The Banks Adventure7-8hrs$235
Snorkel & Kayak Adventure7-8hrs$235


Note- 12% Government Tax

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What to bring

5:26 pm

Big Blue provides top of the line CRESSI SUB mask, fins, snorkels and floaties (for those who need them) along with a healthy variety of snacks, refreshments and lunches on full day trips. Bring a towel and don’t leave it behind on the boat.

The sun here is merciless. Even when there is cloud cover it is important to protect oneself against sunburn and dehydration. We highly recommend bringing:

  • A hat
  • A long sleeve top (rash guard)
  • Sunglasses
  • A towel
  • Sandals/ flip flops
  • 100% Biodegradable Sunscreen * Mandatory for ALL trips
  • WATER, WATER, WATER! – PREhydrate. Drink lots before any and all excursions.

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17th March 2015 11:10 am

Join the most experienced kite boarding team in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Big Blue is the perfect platform from which to learn and enjoy the thrills of kite boarding and kite surfing safely. Perfect weather, warm seas, pristine empty beaches, shallow waters and year round cooling NE-SE trade winds make Providenciales and the Turks and Caicos a kiteboarders and kitesurfers dream. Beginner and experienced kiteboarders and kitesurfers will discover that the blend of these islands together with Big Blue’s expert kite instruction and vast local knowledge make for the perfect kiteboarding vacation cocktail. You have been warned! Big Blue continues to be the operation of choice for visiting kiteboarding professionals, industry magazine travel stories and kiteboarding product shoots.

In the summer of 2013 Big Blue partnered with VELA KiteSurf Resorts (www.velakitesurf.com) the # 1 travel provider in windsport vacations.

With over 30 years experience they have chosen Big Blue Unlimited to be their exclusive provider for kiteboarding and kitesurfing instruction, lessons, downwinders, safaris and vacations in the Turks and Caicos islands.

Powered by the Cabrinha kite and board line, Big Blue offers the best in equipment for instruction and rentals.

No Wind, No Problem. Our extensive array of activities is the perfect alternative. Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Scuba or Beach cruising just for a start.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Eco Adventures, Paddle Turks & Caicos | BIG BLUE UNLIMITED

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5th December 2016 5:25 pm

Kiteboarding in the Turks and Caicos Islands has become synonymous with other top world-class destinations. The weather, the water and the wind make these islands an ideal place to ride and learn this sport. The possibilities are truly endless. Protected bays, flat-water stashes, waves, miles and miles of empty beaches with perfect sand make these islands a kiteboarder’s dream.

Our kite program became a natural extension of our love for exploring, teaching and show casing these islands. The sport dovetails perfectly with our other activities allowing us to offer you another option when perhaps it is too windy to paddle or too rough to dive. With kiteboarding there is always something to do.

Learning to kite here or experiencing a session here is a must. Our home ticks all the boxes from beginner to pro. Come and join us on the water.

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Kiteboarding instructions

19th March 2015 3:25 pm

Big Blue’s kiteboarding instructors are highly qualified and experienced PASA and IKO certified. Instruction and lessons are set out and designed to meet the specific needs of any individual from first timer to advanced intermediate.

We will either pick you up at your hotel or meet you on the beach ready to take you through your first steps or help push you to greater heights. There are many ways to learn kiting. The bottom line is to be a safe kite boarder. Be able to make good assessments, good decisions based on wind and weather as well as personal experience while be aware of one’s surroundings both launch and land areas as well as other people. The most comprehensive way to learn is to go through our 3 step process below which is a 5½-6 hour learning curve. There is no guarantee you will be up and riding at the end but what you will have is all the knowledge to learn safely and go out there and make your own mistakes but in a safe way.

If time is of the essence then for sure our most popular course is the way to go. Bear in mind that it is a condensed course designed to get you in the water and on a board quickly. It is highly recommended that if you end up loving the sport, to come back to us for a course to focus on SAFETY systems, troubleshooting and self-rescue.

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3:34 pm

Instruction – Tax Exempt
Instructor to Student Ratio
Instruction 1:1 $300, 2 hours.
Instruction 1:2 $200 per person, 2 hours.
Beginners Only Kite Experience 1:1 $350 per person, 3 hours

*Lessons typically done at shore club in Long Bay, alternate locations decided and arranged by the instructor dependent on conditions. Transportation from Grace Bay area included.

3 Step Package 7 hours $850  (SAVE $200!) when booked in advance

NOTICE: Course durations only serve as a guideline. Students learn at different speeds depending on previous sporting background and natural ability. A typical course runs anywhere from 5-8 hours. It is common to stop after Lesson 3 and return when students have hit a wall so to speak.

CHILDREN: We welcome children but are reluctant to set an age limit. 10-12 is a good guideline BUT the final call will always come down to the instructor as to how they perceive the child’s capacity to learn safety and understand the importance of trouble shooting a kite problem. Simply put the maturity of children varies enormously.

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3:34 pm

Already very popular, these courses are often booked in advance to accommodate a family, a couple, friends or a solo artist. The flexibility offered means that instruction can be as intensive as need be or as focused as required to learn the next step.

Our most popular course is designed to get you out on the water with an inflatable kite in your hands and a board on your feet as quickly as possible. It’s fun, it’s intense but the rewards are so worth it. Kiteboarding can truly change your life.
$350 per person
Max 2 persons

Our instructor and you alone to focus on whatever you want to focus on. A great idea if KITE EXPERIENCE was successful. This where you could really focus on safety or if after WATER PLAY you need tips and tricks to stay upwind for example.
$150 per hour

Once up and riding, twin tips can lose appeal especially when you see some fly past on a foil or rip a beautifully carved toe side turn on a surfboard.
We teach both sides to kiting and have a couple of really good riders on the team who’d love to show you.
$175 per person per hour

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Supervised Practice – Taxable

3:31 pm

Those not fully confident to ride and learn on their own can opt to be supervised while the instructor(s) are at the beach teaching others. Here the instructors are able to help land/ launch the kite and give tips while they themselves are in the water or on the beach teaching beginners.


$75 per hour per person
$50 equipment rental if needed for practice
$100 total extra for equipment rental they can continue to use for the day

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The kite experience

3:29 pm

This is by far our most popular course and gets students familiar with the kite, board, harness and wind quickly enough to get them out on the water and have some fun. If the sport hooks you further instruction will reveal the core aspects within lessons 1, 2 & 3.


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The Basics

7th December 2016 3:46 pm

Introduces the beginner, on the beach, to the principles of wind direction, wind speed and how it relates to the dynamics and technique required to fly a kite. Kite control is the foundation to kiteboarding. Students are taught how to safely launch and land a trainer kite, where to fly and where not to fly a kite. They are introduced to the “Power Zone”, the parts that make up a kite and how to work with a partner. These kite FUNDAMENTALS lead the student on a natural progression toward the second lesson in the water.


$150 per person, per hour


$100 per person, per hour

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Getting Wet

5:13 pm

The lesson starts with a detailed overview on the beach introducing the student to the inflatable kites and boards. The instructor demystifies the different aspects of the kite bar, the kite lines, the pulleys, the depower, the power up, leashes, quick releases, the harness, loops etc. Students will set up and launch and will then head into the water for the first time applying the knowledge gained THE BASICS to see if they can get up and riding while also being introduced to some serious safety aspects of self rescue and trouble shooting.


$300 per person

Max 2 persons

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Water Play

3:47 pm

Staying up and riding up wind is where all the magic happens. Bringing it all together takes patience, practice and persistence. The move from standing water starts to deep water starts is also crucial to any developing kiteboarder and as the knowledge of what to do as one gets further away from sure. SAFETY is a massive part of this session. There are very few students who can deep water start. We focus on this aspect while watching you dive the kite and ride away!


$300 per person

$400 for 2 persons, 2 hours

Max 2 persons

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Kite RENTAL Equipment- Taxable

19th March 2015 3:38 pm

GearDaily Rate3+ DaysDeposit
Board Rentals$40$30/day$200
Harness Rentals$20$15/day$100
Kite Rentals$150$125/day$500
Full Package Rentals$225$175/day$1000

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3:49 pm

The Turks and Caicos Islands has a huge variety of kiteboarding options and locations. Provo, the kiteboarding hotspot, is blessed with Long Bay beach. Perfect for all types and all levels of rider, beginner to experienced, young to old. But don’t be fooled there are lots of other places to ride depending on the wind and the tide including the North shore, the West end and Leeward in the East. Big Blue’s 17-year complete island experience means we know where to go and when to go. We can safely access any kite spot near or far.

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3:53 pm

Is the gateway to our wave surfaris and the end point of our backcountry kite safaris. As its only 2 minutes to Big Blue’s office, we often teach our land lessons “the basics” here. While it is possible to ride here it is an area for intermediate – advanced riders only.


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Grace Bay

3:52 pm

Due to the crescent shape of the bay the wind can be dead offshore at the northern eastern end to cross off towards the western end during the normal trade winds. HOWEVER when we get big north east systems all of Grace Bay is on shore riding. The water is overhead deep and riders here must be accomplished in riding up wind and water re-launching their kites. The barrier reef can produce excellent kitesurf conditions. WARNING: THE RIDING HERE IS CROSS OFF MOST OF THE TIME. EXPERT RIDERS ONLY ARE ADVISED TO RIDE HERE. Guided wave SURFARIS are available.

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Long bay

3:51 pm

Our Big Blue instructors teach primarily on Long Bay Beach, next to the Shore Club entrance. Located on the North Eastern tip of Provo about 5 minutes from our office, Long Bay faces the Easterly trade winds. Its orientation sets up perfect cross on conditions IDEAL for learning how to kiteboard and kitesurf. The beach is powder soft and the water is waist deep for hundreds of yards. Instructors can walk next to you while you learn. For those who love to ride Long Bay offers miles of open space with a constant consistent breeze. There is usually always somebody there to help you launch and land. Kite down-winders can also start at Long bay and end in Five Cays about 8 miles away.

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How To Get To Kitebeach For Lessons and Riding

5th December 2016 5:36 pm

If you are staying at a resort in the Grace Bay area, we will pick you up and take you to Long Bay for your lessons

All the taxis know where the Shore Club entrance is. You would just tell them Long Bay Beach, through the Shore Club Entrance.

DRIVING to Long Bay from West side of the island or Grace Bay
Get to the Leeward Highway, the main road running the stretch of the island. Go east (away from the airport). Follow this road through the last round about where the road turns to single lane.  Keep going and watch for a large entrance into the area called the Shore Club.  Turn into the Shore Club entrance.  Go to the end and turn right, then there will be an immediate left.  You will see a beach entrance sign and a parking area.  Park where you can.  Don’t leave any valuables in the car.  Head to the beach access and you will see Big Blue immediately to your left.

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19th March 2015 3:53 pm

This is what really sets Big Blue apart. With over 15 years of exploring these islands, the Big Blue kite team know exactly where to take you and when is best. Sessions usually last for 3-4 hours and can be full on down winders to simply kiteboarding in an amazing new location with no one else around. We offer half day, full day, guided tours, guided tours with a boat tours depending on budget and range.

12% Government tax applies

Kite-Safari (Half Moon Bay): Kite boarders looking to break away from Long Bay should not miss the opportunity to kite in the flat and incredible waters of Half Moon Bay, just minutes by boat from Provo. Unrivalled terrain in a breathtaking setting is easily some of the best riding in the country. Get on board.  $95

Backcountry Kite down winder (North Caicos): The downwind kite board trip from North Caicos to Provo, pioneered by our kite team, is an epic and not to be missed. The flat-water heaven behind the Caicos Cays has mangrove stashes riddled with channels and cays ideal for carving, boosting and charging. A good North East wind with incoming tide open this paradise up to kite boarders who land their kites on Leeward Point (Emerald Point) with smiles plastered across their faces. Be sure to make this part of your Big Blue kite-boarding adventure. $145

Kite Quest: Rack ‘em and stack’em – all aboard with your friends and fellow wind addicts to get right off the beaten path. If you think Long Bay is good then words will not suffice. Untapped kiting treasure troves lie beyond the horizon. Miles of empty beaches as well as areas only possible with West winds. We’ll set you up to ride in places that will blow your mind. Throw in snorkel and deserted beach adventures in between sessions and you’ll be coming back from an adventure of a lifetime. Experienced kite skills highly recommended (i.e. deep water launching, riding up wind, self rescue). $235


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Wind & Conditions

7th December 2016 3:59 pm

The conditions are ideal for learning and teaching with waist deep water, onshore trade winds with lots and lots of space. 90% of all our kiteboarding lessons and instruction take place on the island of Providenciales at Long Bay Beach, just east of the Shore Club. Low tides are optimum for most instruction situations, although more advanced students no longer need to be able to stand in the water are sometime taught mid tide.

CONSISTENT NE TRADE WINDS typically blow from about mid November, through until mid August with wind speeds ranging from 12 – 20+ knots or 9m -12m kite sizes. The whole of the south side of Provo is essentially on shore perfect for flat-water learning, boosting and tricks, while Grace Bay and the outer reefs, great for kitesurfing is best sampled by season riders comfortable troubleshooting and water-starting in deep water – too deep to stand in.

FRONTAL SYSTEMS from the continental US can bring some really strong winds and steam in from the NW, meaning Grace Bay is now on shore, with sand bars and reefs covered in ramps.

There are so many backcountry stashes on Provo, around Provo and on other islands that to list them here would be almost endless. If you want to try a new place just call us. We have 3 main options easy to get to and amazing to experience, from mangroves, to flat-water heaven to out island paradises.

TIDES play a massive role in all aspects of kiting here, especially in the really cool spots, like the reefs, the slicks and the shallows. Sometime only a high tide will suffice and sometimes only a low tide works.

CURRENTS due to tidal movement also have a great affect on the surface conditions but also the apparent wind so be aware, ask around, better still ask us. Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Scuba or Beach cruising just for a start.

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Wind Chart

29th January 2016 1:17 pm

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19th March 2015 3:54 pm

(Beginner to Advanced)
$150/hr$100/hr/pers2Lessons typically done at shore club in Long Bay, alternate locations decided and arranged by the instructor dependent on conditions. Transportation from Grace Bay area included.
Supervised practice
* 12% tax applies
$75$752Can be the next progression after completing beginner lessons at the instructor's discretion or useful as a 'get comfortable' introduction to our many kite spots.
Half Moon Bay$956
Backcountry Kite down winder (North Caicos)$1458
Kite Quest$23510 (Min 6)
Full Package$225$175$1000Includes Kite, board, bar & harness.
(per day)
Kite$225$175$500Kites will only be rented to experienced kiteboarders who are able to demonstrate safety and independence- including launching, landing, upwind riding and self rescue. If there is any question of skill, supervised practice will be necessary prior to rental. Late 2013/2014 models.
Boards$40$30$200Large range of Cabrinha twin tip boards from 132cm to 155cm.
Bar$60$60$400Standard Cabrinha 2014 Comp Stick with IDS (intelligent de-power system).
Harness$20$15$100Variety of Mystic seat and waist harnesses. XS to XL.
Helmets$15$10$50Available but not mandatory.


Note – 12% Government Tax

Gear rental for Supervised practise is $50

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Prior Experience & Questions

5th December 2016 5:28 pm

You need to be comfortable in the water and able to swim to take lessons. An open mind is the best asset you can bring to your first lessons.

Prior watersports can help as can other board sports, but not always. Bottom line you will get wet, very wet and salty. If it were really easy everyone would be doing it. Trial and error is a huge part of the learning curve at every step of the way.

Away from Long Bay is it highly advised that riders can troubleshoot, perform self-rescues, make deep water starts and assess conditions and correct gear choice.

Riding in off shore wind conditions is best done with a buddy and even then riders must decide whether they can swim back and completely release themselves from their kite – not always the best or only choice but RISK ASSESSMENT is a fundamental aspect to making SAFE choices when kite boarding.

Bottom line – we are here to HELP.

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19th March 2015 4:13 pm

If you have your own gear then we advise bringing a 12m kite for the guys and 9/10M for the ladies as the main kite. Size up or down based on wind predictions. Any twin tip will do as long as it is not too small. If you are a kitesurfer bring your board. The kitesurfing can be excellent. Ask! Our wind is good but not heavy. Average wind range 12-25knots. Typical 15-17 knots.

Big Blue will be powered by CABRINHA (www.cabrinhakites.com) and we will be using the latest switchblades, cabrinha boards and Neil pryde harnesses for all instruction. All gear is included in all lessons.

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Instructors, Guides and Team Riders

4:14 pm

We have a core group of 5 IKO instructors, male and female, with amazing kite, watersport and athletic backgrounds all of who love to teach and share their passion. Our aim is to make sure you have the safest and most exhilarating experience on and off the water while learning or progressing in this wonderful sport. Like all our programs and activities, safety is our number one priority. With over 20 years in the industry we use all our experience to make solid judgment calls based on conditions and the student or rider. We don’t push you and are happy to wait for the right moment. Communication is key, both yours and ours. We want you to have the best time possible.

There a good few kiteboarders on the Big Blue team who don’t teach but are also there to point you in the right direction at any time during many of our other trips while we are really proud to have two of the very best local kiteboarders on board as our ambassadors and team riders. Hope Levin and Kit Griffiths. Both are awesome and charming who are never far from the action and always super helpful and happy to help and lend a hand or answer questions.

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17th March 2015 11:10 am

Travelling by kayak is the ideal way to explore the shallow waters and winding mangrove channels that make up a good portion of the Turks and Caicos Islands. The stealth and low draft of a kayak allow you to view wildlife and reach areas that are just not accessible any other way. Big Blue offers a variety of guided eco-tours, many suitable for novices, right from the shores of Providenciales and unlimited possibilities for customized private adventures.

The Turks and Caicos Islands offer the avid kayaker a wide range of areas to explore and Big Blue Unlimited has the infrastructure and high quality kayaks and equipment to make these eco-adventures a reality.

Using boats and trailers, the kayaks can be transported across the archipelago to begin paddling almost anywhere. Utilize Big Blue’s expertise to explore off the beaten path into the wilderness of the remote cays, mangroves and tidal creeks. Extend your kayaking dreams into a multi-day camping or inn-to-inn style expedition, or simply rent a sit-on-top kayak to play in the calm bays beside your rental villa or venture into the nature reserves and discover the endless beaches on your own.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Eco Adventures, Paddle Turks & Caicos | BIG BLUE UNLIMITED

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Sunset Paddle

19th March 2015 2:24 pm

Head out to enjoy the ambiance of the late afternoon and enjoy the wetlands leading up to sunset. The heat of the day has passed allowing for relaxed and chilled vibes. This is the magic hour when all the colours come alive. Perfect for stunning photographs. The perfect way to end any day. Stand up or Kayak, mix and match options available. $120 2hrs

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Full Moon Paddle Tours

17th March 2015 11:56 am

Full moon brings its own special personality to the islands and reefs of the Turks and Caicos. If you’re in the islands at this time then this is a special way to enjoy the tropical water under the light of the moon. Stand on a board or sit in a kayak. Either way is fine with us. With the moon overhead, paddling across the water is often like seeing in sepia tones. You’ll be stunned how bright the moon is and how much you can see. It’s so simple and so worth it. Magic. $120 2hrs. Prior SUP experience required.

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Kayak Eco Tour

7th December 2016 4:52 pm

Experience our legendary signature eco tour. TCI’s number eco tour is still going strong after 20 years. Explore and learn all about the serene mangrove habitats, nursery grounds, the iguana sanctuary, marine life, birds and coastal ecology then swim at a beautiful beach. Beginners are welcome. Includes $10pp iguana conservation fee. $125!

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Snorkel & Kayak Adventure

19th March 2015 2:25 pm

Travel by boat to remote mangrove wilderness. Jump into kayaks to explore the labyrinth of unique and isolated channels in this stunning protected wetlands reserve that only we explore. Head to a beautiful uninhabited sandy cay for a picnic lunch and a beach walk and then cool off with some dedicated snorkeling time on shallow corals reef near Pine Cay. A true eco adventure in every sense, this trip reveals the true essence Turks and Caicos coastal ecology. $235.

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Private Kayak Eco-Tours

2:28 pm

There are so many excellent areas to kayak in the Turks and Caicos Islands. As detailed above Big Blue Unlimited offers a range of kayak eco-tours where guests can sign-up as part of a small group or elect to do the eco-tour privately. Big Blue also customizes a range of private only kayak eco-adventures all over the Caicos Islands. The following eco-tours offers some examples of these exciting kayak adventures but do not hesitate to contact Big Blue to discuss further ideas and customize your ideal kayak experience in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

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Chalk Sound Kayak Adventure

2:27 pm

Explore the spectacular turquoise waters of Chalk Sound with the power of a kayak sail.  Travel by vehicle to Chalk Sound in south-west Provo, a designated National Park. Launch tandem kayaks and effortlessly cruise downwind across the inland waters under the power of a kayak sail. Drop the sail as Chalk Sound gives way to Silly Creek and kayak a short distance to an otherwise inaccessible beach where a light picnic lunch awaits. An old ruin on a nearby hill top provide generous views of the area. The maximum number of paddlers is 8 and 12 years old and up is recommended.



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Middle & East Caicos

2:50 pm

The best place to launch on the far side of Middle Caicos is at the boat ramp in the small village of Lorimers. The creeks here connect out to the Windward Going Through and onto the beautiful waters on the east side of the island.

There are some truly spectacular beaches, sand bars, and small islands in this area including Joe Grant’s Cay and on a long day trip you can push around the point to East Caicos and the old plantation settlement of Jacksonville. Better yet, let Big Blue plan a 2-3 day expedition to explore this uninhabited region of the Caicos Islands and experience an unforgettable camping adventure.

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Caicos Cays

2:44 pm

This is a simple and cost effective way to see some beautiful territory. The Caicos Cays stretch northwards from Big Blue’s base at Leeward on Providenciales and run all the way up to North Caicos (approximately 10 miles). You can paddle on either side of the islands and gauge the route according to tide and wind direction. The east side (Caicos Banks) is shallow and includes more mangroves. The west side (turquoise lagoon) is deeper and runs along the beaches and reefs. There are numerous places where you can cross between the two bodies of water and complete a circumnavigation to suit your abilities and endurance. A kayak sail can be used to assist with the downwind leg and drastically reduce the paddle effort required.

Big Blue offers this private kayak eco-tour as a guided or self guided option and it can be supported by motorboat if required. A typical itinerary might include a paddle north up the shallow banks and then through the Pine Cay Channel to Fort George Cay for a rest and picnic. Followed by a paddle back down on the north shore to Leeward.

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Frenchman’s Creek Nature Reserve

2:29 pm

Explore the remote southwest region of Provo and kayak through the Frenchman’s Creek Nature Reserve. Removed from human influence this intertidal and inland waterway is a rich and vital ecosystem that helps to support the cycle of life on the reef a few miles away. Frenchman’s Creek is a great place to observe marine life and tropical birds; it is a breeding ground for herons, pelicans and terns.

The narrow mangrove channels that make up much of the Frenchman’s Creek area open up onto a spectacular coastline where a picnic lunch can be enjoyed on rarely visited beaches.

Big Blue will customize adventures to this side of the island that can also be combined with a boat trip to access the snorkeling and diving areas around Provo or over on West Caicos.

Alternatively pay a visit to the settlement of Blue Hills to sample the fresh seafood cuisine.


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The gear

2:51 pm

Sit-on-top kayaks
Ocean Kayak Malibu II (tandem) + Scrambler (single) all with COMFORT Pro back rests. Used for self-guided rentals within the park and for longer term rentals at private villas. Strong, stable and unsinkable.

Recreational kayaks
Necky Manitou II (tandem) + Necky RIP 12 & Manitou 13 or 14 (single) with extremely comfortable and versatile Phase 3 seating system, a large semi-protected cockpit, and foot rests or rudders. Used on all guided eco-tours, custom adventures and rentals from the Leeward Marina base on Providenciales. A jump seat suitable for children aged 5yrs old or less can easily be inserted between the two main seating positions.

Touring kayaks
18’ Necky Looksha polypropylene with two hatches and a rudder + 17’7” Aquanaut Valley Sea Kayaks (single) with three hatches and skegs. Available on all custom kayak adventures and multi-day rentals from the Leeward Marina base on Providenciales.

Lightweight carbon/fiberglass blended Werner Skagit paddles with straight or adjustable shafts are standard. Kid’s Werner paddles are also available.

Misc. safety
PFDs, water pumps, tow ropes, dry bags, skirts (touring kayaks only)

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Kayak rentals

2:51 pm

Big Blue has a comprehensive kayak rental program on Providenciales. Hourly, half-day and full-day kayak rentals depart and return to the Big Blue base in Leeward Marina (adjacent to the Blue Haven Marina). Subject to availability and experience level single and tandem sit-on-top, recreational and touring kayaks are available although priority is given to the Big Blue guided tours.  A safety briefing, area orientation, map and dry bags will be provided. Please make sure to bring your own communication device, water and other suitable equipment as listed below.

MULTI-DAY KAYAK RENTAL: Kayaks can be delivered to private villas and hotels for multi-day use. These are restricted to sit-on-top kayaks for safety reasons. The delivery fee is included for rentals of three days or more. Please let us know if you need children’s life jackets and paddles. They are provided at no extra charge.


Tandem $30 per hour
Single $20 per hour
Little Water Cay Park Pass $10-$15
Daily Tandem $120
Daily Single $80 
3 days + Tandem $80 per day
3 days + Single $60 per day


SUP’s are available for rent on Providenciales only.

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2:56 pm

Sunset Paddle2hrs$120
Snorkel and Kayak Adventure6-7hrs$235
Full Moon / Glow Worm2hrs$120
KAYAK RENTALSHour1/2 DayFull-Day* 3 Days +
Recreational (Single)$20$50$80$60 per day
Recreational (Tandem)$30$80$120$80 per day
Touring (Single)$20$50$90$65 per day
Touring (Tandem)$25$80$100$80 per day
Nature Reserve (Mangrove only)Leeward,
Full-Moon Kayak TourLeeward, Provo2hrs$750$50Sunset, Moonrise
Kayak Eco-TourLeeward, Provo3-4hrs$850$50Mangroves, iguana, beach
Downwind Caicos Cays (one way)Fort George to Provo3-4hrs$500$50Boat drop-off. Return north or southside depending on conditions.
Princess Alexandra (Extended)Leeward,
5-6hrs$600$75Mangroves, iguana, beach + swim, walk, picnic.
Kayak Paddle & Sail AdventureKayak to Water Cay or F. George. Downwind Sail back.5-6hrs$600$75Refreshments, swim & picnic lunch (possible both sides of islands)
Chalk Sound Kayak AdventureChalk Sound/Silly Creek5-6hrs$650$75Sail Downwind in Chalk Sound. Picnic Lunch and Refreshments.
Frenchman's CreekWest Coast, Providenciales5-6hrs$725$75Land transport, mangroves, beach picnic.
Wilderness (paddle only)Southern coast North Caicos4-5hrs$1,200 up to 8 personBoat Transport & mangrove labyrinth
Paddle & Snorkel AdventureSouthern coast and Caicos cays7-8hrs$1,600 up to 8 personThe above + beach picnic, reef snorkel (More time than public tour)
Bottle Creek / East Bay CaysBottle Creek, North Caicos7-8hrs$1,500$150Transport, lunch & North/Middle Island Tour
Middle & East CaicosJoe Grants /
East Caicos
8-9hrs$1,800$150Boat & land transport, beach picnic
McCartney CaysSouth Caicos8-9hrs$1,150$150Guided kayak & land tour, airport transfers, picnic lunch. Flight paid separately by guest.


Note- 12% Government Tax

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What to bring and wear

2:52 pm

Big Blue will provide dry bags and water bottles for all kayak trips. For any snorkel adventures we provide masks, fins and snorkels. We also provide snacks and refreshments and lunch on full-day trips.

The sun here is merciless. Even when there is cloud cover it is important to protect oneself against sunburn and dehydration. We highly recommend bringing:

  • A hat
  • A long sleeve top (rash guard)
  • Sunglasses
  • A towel
  • Sandals/ flip flops
  • Suncream (NB. WE ONLY ALLOW BIODEGRADABLE SUN LOTION ON OUR TRIPS – better for your skin and better for the environment. Available at our shop if needed)
  • WATER, WATER, WATER! – PREhydrate. Drink lots before any and all excursions.

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding

17th March 2015 11:10 am

Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) is the fastest growing watersport in the world. It is fun, easy and accessible to almost everyone. Big Blue Unlimited’s unique Stand Up Paddleboard program is the most comprehensive SUP outfit in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Only a few paddle strokes separate us from a national park and nature reserve made up of islands, cays, mangrove channels and beautiful reefs. Big Blue is surrounded by calm water and beautiful weather, perfect for any SUP adventure. We introduced paddleboarding in 2009 and have not looked back. Our SUP team is experienced and trained every year by Hawaiian SUP legend and pioneer, Dave Kalama, during our annual October Kalama Kamps.

Big Blue offers a wide variety of tours from beginner to advanced that last anywhere from 90 minutes to 4 hours. We have a world-class fleet of SUP boards and paddles comprised of three of the world’s leading brands, NAISH SUP (2013 AWSI winner) and IMAGINE SURF (Dave Kalama’s signature line) and QUICKBLADE PADDLES. With over 25 boards in the quiver, Big Blue has the right SUP board for you. After almost 20 years of exploring the Turks and Caicos Islands and leading the way on kayaks, our existing eco-tours and eco-adventures on stand up paddleboards dovetails seamlessly with all our existing programs and has opened up a world of new and exciting adventures.

100% Natural. Get Up and Stand Up and join our daily tours.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Eco Adventures, Paddle Turks & Caicos | BIG BLUE UNLIMITED

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Sunset Paddle

11:56 am

Head out to enjoy the ambiance of the late afternoon and enjoy the wetlands leading up to sunset. The heat of the day has passed allowing for relaxed and chilled vibes. This is the magic hour when all the colours come alive. Perfect for stunning photographs. The perfect way to end any day. Stand up or Kayak, mix and match options available.


PRICE $120

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